We were invited to my friend’s housewarming party last Saturday, the day after I touched down from Japan.

I was really excited because the owners are interior design buffs and I knew that their home would look fabulous. The owners had bought an old walk-up apartment near town and transformed it into a modern haven that still retains its quiet, old-world charm.
The theme was simple – white and oak, but it was the ingenious juxtaposition of these modern elements with unique shapes, textures and accent pieces reminiscent of an era long gone that truly enhanced the home’s character.

It was also interesting that there were short flights of steps in the master bedroom and dining room, which added dimension to the apartment. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the selection of art and interior design books along the walkway. I swore I could have spent the entire night poring through those books.

I especially love the cement wall in the living room and the brick wall in the dining room. The brick wall was part of the original architecture, and it has aged beautifully through the years.

Glass ceiling panels that allow sunlight to flow into the dining area also provide contrast between natural and artificial lighting, creating a different atmosphere at various points of the day.

Don’t they have a gorgeous home?? The apartment looks like it just came right out of an interior design magazine. I like it when people take pride in their home. It is very inspiring. Indeed, as the owners put it, this beautiful home is a result of their labour of love.

As JW and I are still in the process of some minor renovation works., we’ll love to have all our friends over soon for a real housewarming gathering too!