Established in 1994, Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese fashion company that is well-known for their popular handbags in a multitude of designs and colours. The brand’s target clientele has traditionally been working women in their 20s and its marketing campaigns have always been characterised by the extensive use of western celebrities such as Beyonce, the Hilton sisters, and most recently, Jennifer Lopez as well as Sarah Jessica Parker.

I have always wanted to lay my hands on a Samantha Thavasa bag.

While some designs are a little too loud for me, they do carry very tastefully designed bags with excellent workmanship. During my recent trip to Tokyo, I had the fortuitous opportunity to get up close and personal with the brand.

I don’t usually talk about my work trips as everything is highly private and confidential, but well, I guess I can talk about a bag that I purchased 🙂

I got this baby at 50% off its original price at the retail shop. There was a family sale in the brand’s main office as well, but we had to rush off to the airport, much to my dismay.

This bag charm was purchased separately. I love the diamonte ribbon and pearls.

As you would probably have noticed, I am really attracted to red bags these days. Just in time for National Day too, don’t you think? 😉

Look, we even bought white artificial roses (looks pretty real huh) to match our red Murano glass vase from Venice. How apt.

Time to nurse myself back to the pink of health now. I’m suffering from a bad sore throat and slight fever. Bye!