Looking for the perfect accessories to complement your home or office decor? Adding that extra oomph to your home or work station with accents that echo your personality and interests has never been easier with fourandtwenty.sg!
fourandtwenty.sg offers a selection of design-led products that marry form with function. Their keen eye for high-quality objects with clean lines led them to gravitate towards exquisite, hand-crafted designs by alternative designers with a unique vision. 
 The current collection hails from Denmark, the USA, Japan and Thailand. Delivery is free within Singapore!
To say that the products are gorgeous is a huge understatement. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you some of my favourites:

  Oscar by Hans Bølling

Meet Oscar, the cute little dog that sits, stands and begs just like a real dog. This one however, is lovingly handcrafted in solid beechwood with leather, maple wood and wenge wood accents.
Designed in 1953
by renowned Danish architect Hans Bolling, this beauty has evidently
withstood the test of time and is a Scandinavian design classic.
Place Oscar on your workstation at home or your office, and let this playful dog light up your day!


BIRD by Kristian Vedel

BIRD, designed by famous architect Kristian Vedel in 1959, is yet another Scandinavian design classic.
One of the most
successful wooden designs in the 50s, BIRD is the perfect companion for
your side table, or better yet, get a family of BIRDs to perk up your
coffee table!


wrapqarw [wrap wrap] Cable Organizer by Naoto Yoshida

Keep those unsightly cables neat and tangle free with wrapqarw! Not only do they look elegant, these cable organizers are eco-friendly too as they are made of quality scrap wood from the furniture industry in Japan.  
You can always trust the Japanese to come up with innovative, functional designs. 🙂 These are great as gifts too!

KAMI and Cara Series by Hidetoshi Takahashi

These wooden cups are wonderful additions to your kitchen or work desk as each cup is individually handcrafted by master-craftsman Hidetoshi Takahashi. Gosh, such dedication is hard to come by these days!
I love the simple and clean design of these cups. And the best part? They’ll never go out of style.

Porcelain Disc Chimes

These porcelain discs on a deerskin lace cord are designed to clink gently in the breeze. Handcrafted in Portland, USA, by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, the beauty of this wind chime lies in its simplicity. 

“Founded in 2009, Pigeon Toe’s aspiration is to provide mankind with
everyday beauty. Each piece is handcrafted, taking an average of three
weeks to complete the transformation from clay to finished work. With a
focus on craft, handmade and homespun goods, each Pigeon Toe piece
represents a story woven with rich heritage.”
Pigeon Toe’s products are exclusively sold via fourandtwenty.sg in Singapore. 
Here are some other products from Pigeon Toe:

Porcelain Tripots



Rocking Votives

Folded Porcelain Bowls

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