I was feeling rather burnt out from work, so I decided to take a 3-day break last week. It’s been a while since I last took leave and the feeling of being away from work was absolutely liberating, although that didn’t stop my cell phone from ringing sporadically.

I initially wanted to book a spa session, but it didn’t materialize as I had just gone on a spa retreat to Batam with colleagues the previous weekend. Shopping was next up on the list. Not too bad an idea since shopping at Orchard Road on weekday afternoons is an indulgent luxury. It was pretty eventful, and I even shocked a sales assistant with my numerous shopping conquests. 😉

Besides shopping, I caught two movies as well, namely Transformers 2 and Duplicity. Movies with brainless plots (e.g. Transformers) are my cup of tea. The flow of Duplicity’s storyline was somewhat disjointed, and the movie was trying too hard to complicate a simple plot. It would have been a flop if not for Julia Roberts.

What I wore on one of those days:

I recently had a haircut at Estique, and I must say it is my favourite salon thus far. Say bye to bangs and limp hair. Hello to newfound volume and a wispy side fringe.

My old hair – for memory’s sake.