To wind down after a tiring week at work, I would usually hit the shops for comfort. The invigorating scented trail of perfume, colourful window displays and endless rows of merchandise are a breath of fresh air. Whether I eventually make any purchases or not is really a secondary concern. Or is it?

Well, I do window shop sometimes, but this week, I came home with a bag of hairbands from Accessorize and undies from Topshop. I have a soft spot for bows and ribbons on clothes, shoes, bags, earrings and what have you.

Here’s presenting one of the largest bows I own to date:

What I wore with my hairband to catch Confessions of a Shopaholic (I swear it was almost like watching myself on film, except that I know my limits):

I decided to wear my new jelly flats from Novo in the end

Speaking of hairbands and hair,I had quite a scare last Sunday. I was trying to comb and twirl my hair with a round comb, but it ended up getting stuck in my hair instead! It was so badly entangled that JW had to rush home from his weekly climbing session just to help me.

In the end, he had to cut away all the teeth. LOL. Check out the bald comb. Thank goodness I’m not the bald one. 😛

Recently, we’ve also taken an interest to aromatherapy. JW brought up the idea rather unexpectedly while we were having dinner at Tetsu last Saturday. Being the spontaneous and supportive wife that I am, I immediately suggested that we head downstairs to buy a burner and some essential oil.

We also bought two very classic bedside lamps from Laura Ashley. It looks similar to the lamp from Lim’s that went out of stock, so it was really a blessing in disguise. I love how it lights up the room, giving it a warm and cozy feel.