Other than clothes and shoes, I bought a new present for myself this month. Here it is, the Canon Powershot SX110IS.

I have always been a fan of Canon Powershot, having owned one several years back. Regrettably, I then switched to Panasonic Lumix and have been lamenting about its inadequacies for the past 2 years. Now that I have my new Powershot, there’s no turning back for me.
JW also put up some new paintings and drawings in our home. We bought these during our honeymoon but just had them framed recently. Drawings of Florence line our hallway.

Oil painting of the Colosseum, framed in an ornate baroque-style frame.

The clock was a souvenir that we got from Paris, and it now hangs at the entrance to our kitchen. I love how the colours complement the entire colour scheme of our home.

And finally, here’s our Louis Ghost Chair in glossy black. Nobody sits on it though. 😛 It is really more of an ornamental piece of furniture.

The pictures were all unedited pics taken with my new camera. Since I was relatively free yesterday, I decided to take a photo of what I wore as well. 🙂