We popped by the house again this week. Recently, everything revolves around the house and our wedding preparations.

An updated photo of the MBR. I love the chandelier!! The room is painted in a shade of greyish-beige, but it didn’t turn out too well in the photos. We are putting up wallpaper in the recess wall area as well. There will also be full-length curtains in dark red to add a bold contrast to the neutral palette. The cupboard here actually belongs to JW’s walk-in wardobe, which is currently still under construction.

My wide full-length mirror in the walk-in-wardrobe. I haven’t taken a pic of the vanity area, but I’ll take pics once I put up the black string curtains (thanks to my ID’s suggestion). Exactly what I wanted!

Both the rainshower and normal shower head have been installed. We tested the water pressure as well and were relieved to find that the rainshower works perfectly well. Lame as it sounds, the rain shower really makes you feel that you are bathing in the rain.

MBR Bathroom’s table top is up. Decided to go for white instead of black so that it’ll be easier for me to find my contact lenses if they ever drop on to the table. 😛

The kitchen table top is done too. The backsplash should be completed by this week. White kitchens are very popular these days. We don’t really cook so I reckon maintenance should be a breeze. My ID was the one who suggested the colour theme. Frankly, we are not very concerned about the design of the kitchen as long as it is aesthically pleasing, so we left everything to them. 😛

Everything is on track thus far and the workmanship seems pretty good too. Our ID has been very obliging and responsive despite the numerous changes that we have requested to certain parts of the house.

They have also helped us tremendously, particularly with the selection of the lights and toilet accessories. Although our ID firm has an existing partnership with a particular light shop in Balestier, our designer didn’t bat an eyelid when we told her we wanted to look around first. She spent a few hours with us, combing through practically all the light shops along Balestier Road before we finally concluded that the shop that she recommended was still the best.

She was instrumental in helping us with our curtain selection as well, given that we are quite clueless about the colours and materials that we should choose. Most importantly, there are no extra fees for the additional things that we have requested for *fingers crossed*!!

After interacting with them over the past 6 months or so, our relationship has somewhat progressed from a working relationship to that of friendship. Both the boss and designer will be attending our wedding too. 🙂

On a separate note, today’s my birthday!!! Yay, since it falls on a public holiday, I don’t have to take leave. 😛 The lovely colleagues gave me a treat at Hanabi last week, where I ate till I couldn’t move. Met up with some old friends over dinner as well, and I got pressies from Jacq & Shihui! Little gestures like these always make me smile. 😉