Bits and pieces of our new home are finally coming together after almost half a year. Most would take about 2 months max to complete their renovation works, but we took much longer than usual due to several reasons. I shan’t bore you with the details.

Photos taken yesterday
1) Living Room by day

We decided to paint the living room a greyish-beige hue to complement the black and white wallpaper TV console (not up yet) and black cabinets.
2) Dining Area by day

The dining room is in a chocolate brown shade. Looks purplish in photos below because of the bright light.

Photos taken today
We went up to our apartment again today because the most of the lights and cupboards were up. I love the dining room lights and master bedroom chandelier.

1)Living Room by Night

The false ceiling and cove lighting are finally completed.

TV Console – Wallpaper to be put up soon

2) Dining Area

The dining room lights are up!

I love this to bits because of the baroque motifs and intricate details. The bulbs are not as conspicuous in real life.

3) Walk-in Wardrobe

I’m so glad I chose a dark shade of brown for my WIW. It comes together with a custom-made vanity area too. No photos of that yet.

4) Kitchen

White kitchen cabinets. The doors are actually embossed with baroque floral motifs.

5) Master Bedroom Toilet

White WC and washbasin. Table top will be in black.

Can’t wait for my MBR chandelier to be up! No pics of my master bedroom yet as there’s really nothing much to photograph except for the painted walls. 😉