Our home renovations are almost completed, save for some furnishings to complete the look.

We’re adding a black shaggy rug and the Louis Ghost chair in glossy black from Kartell. Curtain racks have been installed.

The dining table looks really small here, but it’s quite huge in real life. We’re still short of two chairs at the moment.

The backsplash has been added and the fridge has been delivered.

The wallpaper was not up yet when we took these photos..but we were told that it’ll be up by today. The entire wall behind the bed will be covered in muted gold wallpaper.

Vanity table beside my walk-in wardrobe. The black glass looks pretty dirty 😛 Gonna use string curtains to frame this space.

Little compartments for my jewellery and knick knacks.

Stone stool from Kartell
Black & white wardrobe in the guest room. It has tiny floral motifs, similar to the kitchen cupboards.

I’m blowing my nose profusely in the company of used tissues as I type. The flu bug can’t seem to get enough of me.

Time to rest and recuperate.