After EC’s wedding about 2 weeks back, we adjourned to TCC at Marina@Keppel Bay for a cuppa. We wanted to go to Prive initially, but the sluggish old prude in me decided to settle for somewhere with a little peace and quiet, where alcohol was non-existent.

Last week, we were at Amara Sanctuary for an ROM ceremony. in the morning. It was held in a glass pavillion tucked amidst lush greenery and furnished with Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck.

I was out drinking at Wala’s the night before with some colleagues, and was pretty much in a daze until I saw the Ghost chairs and exclaimed aloud, “GHOST CHAIR!!!” to all those around me.

That was the moment when I really woke up I think. Thank goodness that was before the bride and groom came in. 🙂

My immense fascination with the chair has been driving everyone crazy.

It was quite an eye-opening experience for me as I have never seen a bride arriving in a buggy, so I whipped out my cam and started taking pics. I’m very proud of my pictures because I managed to take them without compromising the bride’s privacy. 🙂 I love her flouncy gown and pretty yellow flowers ( I think they’re lilies).

I barely had time to put on any make-up or style my hair. Rushed out with sunblock, eyeliner, a dash of mascara and a hairclip. Check out JW’s puzzled look. He just couldn’t wipe that expression off his face despite repeated photo-taking.

We had buffet lunch at the restaurant nearby. Service was excellent. Strangely enough, I think I was the only one in there who was asked to fill up a feedback form. There can only be two reasons – One, I look like the sort who would lavish compliments, or two, I look like the boss’s daughter.

I was telling JW that Amara Sanctuary is the most “atas” hotel on the sunny island of Sentosa. When he conveyed that to the couple, the groom told the bride “eh you’re almost as atas as Regina now.” The couple kept saying that even as we were bidding them goodbye. Hahaha

I have no idea why I give others such an impression hahaha…I don’t have enough dough to be atas you know!! ;P

And, I’m still waiting for people to contribute to our common toilet fund!!