As I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, I was away in KL (YES AGAIN!! sigh..) for a department retreat. Here’re the photos from my colleague haha. I’m so glad the video is not out yet. I sure do not want to see myself doing a catwalk in front of 50 people, including bosses!

Upon arrival, we played some team building games (yeah, my team lost and we each had to do individual forfeits!). After games and buffet dinner at Traders Hotel, we went shopping at Sungei Wang. I bought a white maxi dress for only S$15 and a frilly lacy top for S$10! Both items were from Metro. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tags hahaha.

We stopped by McDonalds after our fruitful shopping spree as two girlies were thirsty. Took the opportunity to snap a shot while they were busy quenching their thirst. Then, we began our long and arduous stroll back to Traders Hotel. We took a total of about an hour plus to arrive at our hotel.

When we were just about to reach the hotel, we stopped at a park in front of the Twin Towers to take photos. The Twin Towers looked so grand and magnificent at night, it was almost as if we were superimposed into the picture.

The Twin Towers, in its full glory.

We trooped over to Sky Bar at Traders’ Hotel, where our bosses and colleagues were indulging in alcohol and a game of taboo.

The sky bar has an open-air concept, complete with a picturesque view of KL’s night view. We should have a similar bar in Singapore!

Bored colleagues waiting to play the next round of Taboo….

while the rest of us decided to camwhore…

I realised my colleague took photos of me playing ugly and unglam *shakes head*

They were trying real hard to guess what the word was. Haha..

Me again. I look like an under-aged kid stealing a sip of white wine.

We went to this quaint little Peranakan restaurant by the name of Top Hat on the 2nd night. By this time, the bosses had already adjourned to Mandarin Hotel for drinks. We, the young ones *chuckle*, were waiting anxiously for our cab to take us to Pavilion for more shopping and drinks. My roomie and I didn’t join in for drinks cos we were dead beat by then and we had a coach to catch at 9am the next morning.

I was expecting the trip to be pretty boring because this was the second time that I went to KL in 3 months! It turned out much better than expected, thanks to the great company, games and of course, shopping!