I think I must be one of the most kiasu BTBs around. I like to plan everything way in advance. My bridal and evening gowns will be ready for my first fitting in approximately 3 weeks, my designer says. I’m not complaining, even though my wedding is only in Jan 09.
I have been pretty decisive where wedding preparations are concerned. The only thing that makes me jittery is my skin condition. I was raving about natural skincare a while back, but I realised that it doesn’t work for me. I’ve switched back to my dermatologist’s products.

I remember I used to have almost flawless skin, but work stress and travelling over the past 3 years have taken a toll on my poor skin, making it easily irritable and sensitive. Previously, I never understood what blackheads and whiteheads were, for I never had first-hand experience. Now I do, and it irks me to no end! To end my misery, I’ll be going for a skin treatment done by my derm. It’d better work.

Our pre-wedding photography will be done in Macau, and I’ll be bringing my local make-up artist there as well. I’ve already started looking at bridal hairstyles…although they all look pretty much similar. I prefer romantic and royal styles.

These are some styles that I pretty much like:

I think the flower pins in her hair look cheap, but I like the rest of this hairdo.

I like this very much, but I’ll probably use roses instead.

I love this casual yet chic style. Looks something like my normal hairstyle though.

This hairstyle would be perfect if I’m having a beach wedding. Maybe I could do this for my casual shoot.

Sultry yet sophisticated.

These styles are so me. Haha I think I might be able to recreate these myself. But given that it’s so me, perhaps I should try something different instead.

Lovely up-dos

This style is very dramatic, but it looks rather matronly. Probably a tad too mature for my liking.

I love this style!!

Going off to nurse my eyebags. Bye!