I’ve been away, hence the lack of updates. In particular, my parent organization had a retreat in KL last weekend. It was such great fun bonding with colleagues and getting to know colleagues from our overseas offices. The only con was that my team came in last in one of the games, and we each had to do a forfeit individually!! I was made to catwalk, and it was recorded on video, much to my embarrassment. I hope the video never sees the light of day.

Work life seems to have taken a change for the better. My bosses (I have so many bosses that I can’t even count them with one hand) have decided to go with my suggestion of focusing on just 1 portfolio instead of juggling 3 portfolios simultaneously across 2 organizations (for 1 salary!!). I was showing signs of distress, which made them concerned about whether or not I would quit on them eventually if they continued with the latter arrangement. Whatever it is, I am still very grateful and appreciative of their efforts to make life easier for me.

I spent a fruitful day with JW yesterday. Woke up in his arms and then popped by Corduroy & Finch for brunch. Got myself a meringue shell too. I love meringue although it can be sickeningly sweet sometimes.

We also viewed a showflat done up by one of the interior designers and brought my parents to view my new home. We’re planning to get our home done by August before we head overseas for our pre-wedding photoshoot. I never thought renovating my home could be so exciting, but it truly is! We have already brainstormed about the type of furniture we want, all the way down to wall decorations as well.

After I took up this job, I developed a bad habit of going to my offices ( I have two offices) on Saturdays to either check e-mails or take my laptops (yea I have 2 laptops too) home. So off we went to my offices after viewing my home..haha..Spent about 15 mins at the first one and an hour at the second.

Thankfully, the second office is located right in the heart of the city, so we could head down to shop thereafter. Ironically, I hardly venture into the shops on a typical work day. I told JW that I am not interested in shopping anymore, but I ended up buying a new bag for myself at his persuasion. SIGH. I need to save money!!

On a separate note, I’ve taken a fancy to natural skincare (mainly certified organic products). I suspect my skin has become intolerant to all the toxic chemicals found in our usual skincare products, such as paraben and alcohol. My dad, a chemist by training, told me that natural products are the best for our skin. Although I have been using natural skincare for only about 2 weeks now, I notice a significant difference in skin clarity. My skin is also smoother, brighter and less congested than before. I’ll probably stick to natural skincare permanently.

Going off to prepare for a family outing now! Bye!