You know what they say about finding a good hairsylist – never let her go, which is why I always make ToliV Boutique Salon one of my first stops whenever I am back in Singapore.  
Traveling to Tibet in the peak of winter definitely took a toll on my hair. It was dry, limp and no matter how I styled my hair to will it to curl, the curls just wouldn’t hold. 
A perm was in order, but a round of hair treatment was necessary to first revive my hair. Now, that’s the beauty of having my stylist Michelle and her team at ToliV work on your hair. Your hair and scalp health are always their utmost priority.
Only Aveda & Keraganic products are used at ToliV Salon

Every visit to ToliV is a pampering experience. Before I slip away into my own little bubble with a fashion magazine in hand, I find myself looking forward to the Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage at the start of each visit. The calming blend of essential oils, coupled with always puts me in a peaceful, tranquil state of mind.

To ensure that your hair and scalp are well taken care of, only Aveda and Keraganic products are used at ToliV Salon. Aveda probably needs little or no introduction as they are widely known for using natural ingredients that are beneficial to your hair, scalp and overall well-being. I am a huge fan of their shampoo and conditioner.

Kerarganic, on the other hand, is an interesting brand that uses keratin protein and the highly coveted Argan oil, coupled with vitamins to restore and beautify the most resistant hair. I just began using their intensive treatment hair mask and I love how it immediately softens my hair, making it shiny and silky smooth.

. With Michelle and the team at Toliv, you know they will never ever take chances with your hair, because once your hair condition is ruined, it takes more than a while to nurse it back to the pink of health. Only after ascertaining that my hair was ready to take on more chemical treatments did Michelle give the go ahead for my ceramic perm.

I had a quick colour touch-up after the perm and before long, I was all ready to face the world with my freshly permed and coloured voluminous hair.  You may be wondering at this point, how is it possible to perm and colour at the same time? Wouldn’t that completely dry out my hair? 
Well, the truth is, when you have a hairstylist who knows exactly what she’s doing and uses only products that care for your hair, you can safely cast all your worries aside. If anything, my hair only felt healthier, bouncier and smoother.
Freshly permed natural waves
A low-maintenance wash-and-blow hairstyle like this is exactly what I need for my current lifestyle. Here’s what my hair looks like after blow-drying it, without any hair products except for a dollop of leave-in conditioner.
After normal blow-dry
On days when I feel a little dressier, I sleep with sponge rollers on and wake up to defined curls the next morning. Given how strong the winds in Nanjing are, it is amazing how my curls hold up so well after a day of battling the forces of nature.

After styling with sponge curlers
If you have been on the lookout for a salon that genuinely cares for your hair, ToliV Boutique Salon is the place that you are looking for. Many of my friends get their hair done here too, and they too agree that ToliV Salon doesn’t ever disappoint.
ToliV Boutique Salon
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