Given our sunny weather all year round, a common problem that we face is an itchy scalp and if left ignored, this could eventually result in hair loss issues. The scalp is one of the unsung heroes of our body and I truly felt like I was
in scalp saver heaven after meeting with Joni, the expert consultant at
Svenson Hair Centre. 

 During the consultation, she carefully asked me about my daily
habits and routine, answering all my questions patiently. She also debunked some hair myths and assessed my scalp condition through a scalp scan before recommending a suitable scalp treatment for me.

Did you know that in theory, we can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day? 
However, due to our lifestyle, stress, dietary habits and lack of sleep,
most people are not as healthy as before, and our hair regrowth is
slower. This means that if we lose even 30 strands of hair daily (and
it’s usually double that amount, through daily actions such as running
your fingers through your hair), we cannot replace the hair as fast as
before, leading to hair loss issues.
Myth No. 1 – Since our hair is made of protein, we need protein shampoo

Yes, our hair is made
of amino acids – the simplest form of protein. That is why we need to
eat food rich in protein such as meat, fish, cheese, tofu, beans and
nuts, and vitamins such as Vitamin B, as that helps us to keep our hair
healthy and strong. Our digestive system’s absorption process must also
be efficient in order for our hair to gain sufficient nutrients.

However, this does not mean that you should run out to buy the latest protein shampoo (one of the haircare product trends recently). There really isn’t a point to protein shampoos because they are on your hair for only a minute of cleansing before you wash it off. The objective of using shampoo is to ensure that both our scalp and hair are clean. That is why we should apply two rounds of shampoos: the first for the scalp, and the second for moisturizing the hair.
P.S. I have been doing this ever since my Svenson consultation with the Svenson products that Joni recommended to me, and I do feel a significant difference in both my scalp and hair! If you are interested,  click here to read my previous post for more details on these products.

Myth No. 2 – Washing your hair daily strips it of moisture and nutrients

Another common myth is that hair should not be washed daily as it strips its moisture and nutrients. Joni shared this is because many off-the-shelf brands contain a lot of cleaning agents within their shampoos, and this makes it harsher for the hair and scalp. But professional haircare brands such as Svenson contain a good proportion of herbal or organic ingredients that are good for daily hair wash.
For someone who works long hours and has late night baths like me, it is also important to blow dry the scalp and hair before sleeping, as warm and damp environments encourage bacteria growth, and really bad for the scalp.
How do you tell if your scalp is unhealthy? 
Joni scanned my scalp prior to the treatment and here are some examples of what an unhealthy scalp looks like.

See the really thin reed of hair versus the thick black one? That’s a sign of weak follicles, especially if you have a lot of really thin reeds.
If there is a hair pore but no hair in it, that’s also indicative of a damaged scalp because it’s not growing hair anymore!
With problem areas identified, Joni recommended the Pre-Scalp Detox Therapy Treatment, High Frequency Treatment, the OxyJet Treatment, and the Corrective Treatment.

We went off to the treatment room, and look at how lovely the corridors are! 

Step 1: Pre-Scalp Detox Therapy

My therapist was a lovely lady, Justina, who started off the session with a wonderful shoulder massage, before applying a cooling detox scalp mask that was minty and cleansing. The Pre-Scalp Detox Therapy really helped to clear the scalp, as our hair follicles are often clogged with sweat and waste particles and if not properly cleansed, is not only irritated and itchy, but could also trigger baldness. 
Shampoos normally only clean the surface of the scalp, but cannot penetrate deep within the hair follicles. This treatment not only deeply cleanses the accumulation of dirt, dust, dead skin, sweat, oil and bacteria. It also stabilizes bacteria multiplication and removes dead skin/ dandruff / accumulation of chemical products that we have from hair dyes, perms and styling products. This is recommended to be done once a month to aid in healthy scalp and hair (the detox is done from root to the tips of the hair!)
Step 2: High Frequency Treatment 

This treatment was really interesting because an infra-red treatment was utilized as part of the process, which rejuvenates the scalp condition for improved hair growth. The high frequency stimulates cell renewal and improves the product penetration,helping to eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria. The rapid oscillation can’t be felt so you can thoroughly relax during the treatment, but what happens is that the high frequency current improves nourishment and blood circulation, stimulates glandular activity and the heat soothes the nervous system to significantly improve the overall effectiveness of the post-treatment hair growth formulas.

Step 3: OxyJet Treatment 
The Oxy DH Therapy has a Peeling Phase and an Infusion Phase, and is important in revitalizing the scalp and hair with 95% pure oxygen! Justina used a specially-designed handpiece that delivered the oxygen to precise areas across my scalp. This treatment is extremely important in infusing peptides and actives to boost cell regeneration and lymphatic circulation. It also helps the penetration and absorption of the proprietary DH Hair Concentrate Serum formulated by Svenson’s trichologists, that was applied on both my scalp and hair. Containing a high concentration of copper peptides and plant actives such as Gingko Biloba, it eradicates receptor sites that block off blood supply, oxygen and nutrients, to slow down hair loss and accelerate hair growth, helping to maintain hair’s elasticity, texture and density!
Step 4: Corrective Treatment

Ever since my Outward Bound camp (yes I know it’s been many years!), my scalp has never been the same again due to the harsh conditions. The Corrective Treatment was especially helpful because it balances hair and scalp for healthier hair. For people experiencing oily and flaky scalp, it regulates, soothes and reduces irritated scalp even for dandruff. Importantly, it also relieves itchy, scaly and seborrheic scalp conditions such as psoriasis, with anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that effectively exfoliates decaying and dying epidermal cells, preventing bacterial proliferation. I was then given a head vibrator machine massage, and a beautiful blow-dry.

How was the treatment?

The treatment process lasted for 1.5 hours, and I must say that I was really impressed with the professionalism of the Svenson staff. I was the last customer left in the outlet because I went after work, but my consultation was a proper one (that even went up to 45 minutes with Joni carefully diagnosing my hair and scalp issues) before they started the treatment. They did not cut corners on the process, and Justina took care of every step of the treatment and even did a nice blow-dry of my hair. They could have rushed through it or showed signs of disinterest, but they instead showed true passion for their work.
Joni stayed right to the end – when I finally walked out with a refreshed lightness to my scalp and bouncy glossy hair – just to say goodbye and answer any final questions I had. Truly this was a great experience, and I’m definitely going back for more treatments as I can really tell the difference to my scalp quality. Thank you Svenson!

The prices for the treatments are as follows: Pre-Scalp Detox Therapy Treatment $80, High Frequency Treatment $40, OxyJet Treatment $90, and Corrective Treatment $90. 


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