Instagram is a wonderful repository for photos and videos and a huge source of inspiration for me. The motivational quotes, fashion and ootd ideas, food updates and travel inspirations never fail to keep me entertained. 
Through the motivational quotes, I am able to gain insights into life. They set me thinking and serve as a constant reminder that I should always remain true to myself to avoid living a life filled with regrets. 
Food pictures and travel updates allow me to live vicariously through the lives of others. To have a taste of their joy and sense of adventure, I make a checklist of places and restaurants that I would love to visit with my loved ones, and I am happy to report that I have already ticked off quite a number of places on my checklist.
Fashion posts, on the other hand, give me styling ideas, allowing my creative juices to flow and my imagination to run wild. I love styling and experimenting with trends, and the ability to exchange ideas through instagram makes me indescribably happy. The fashion industry is often associated with materialism, but in reality, my source of happiness stems primarily from styling and less from the acquisition of designer labels or material goods. Being able to express my individuality by putting together an outfit that reflects my personal style gives me utmost satisfaction.
I have always believed that your level of happiness defines how successful you are in life, and  today, I want to share my dose of happiness with you through a recap of some of my favourite ootd posts on my instagram account (@reginachow_sg) over the past few months. 
You can also find more details and photos of each outfit in the links that I have included below.

Outfits from my Hokkaido Trip in June 


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos!