I was invited to the Positively Teal media event recently at the Canele branch at Plaza Singapura. 

The aim of the
Positively Teal initiative is to generate awareness of ovarian cancer as well
as to encourage women to be more aware of the symptoms. 

you know that Ovarian Cancer is the 5th most common type of cancer in
Singapore? It is also the deadliest gynecological cancer among
Singaporean women. 
In fact, 1 in 80 women faces ovarian cancer in their lifetime. 

The panel discussion with Dr Timothy Lim, media personality Ms Diana Ser, cancer survivor Ms Pauline Ng, and former radio personality Ms Desiree Lai, provided more information on early detection, high risk groups, and the treatment of ovarian cancer.


To remember the symptoms of ovarian cancer, all you have to do is remember the word TEAL (also the international colour for ovarian cancer):
Toilet habits changing
Energy levels decreasing
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Many of us are likely to be stricken with one or more of these symptoms at
some point in our lives as these are very common ailments, but if you have experienced most or all of the
symptoms, it is advisable that you go for a thorough check-up. 

Remember, early detection is
important to increase the chances of survival!

Cancer survivor Ms Pauline Ng was brimming with optimism and the positive vibes that she gave off made her an inspiration to everyone present.

All the participants were also treated to a feast, complete with teal macarons and delicious finger food like mini burgers, bite-sized sandwiches and lovely chocolate cakes, all courtesy of Canele!

is always important to stay in the pink of health, especially in a fast
paced environment like ours, which is why I think it is wonderful that
health organisations are stepping up their efforts to increase awareness
of diseases so that we can stay vigilant at all times!
Everyone ought to know more about ovarian cancer and early signs, so share the love with all your friends and family! 
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