The Franz Liszt Museum in Budapest showcases the beautiful single-story apartment that the composer lived in during the last 5 years of his life. Besides his pianos, you’ll also find manuscripts of his compositions, his pictures and several of his personal artifacts.

I was excited to visit this museum because Franz Liszt is another one of my favourite composers. Not only was he one of the best-looking composers of his time (haha!), his most famous work, Liebestraum, won the hearts of many, including that of yours truly.

The building which housed his apartment has since been converted into a music academy as well as a venue for concerts. It’s a must-go attraction for classical music lovers. 😉

Before this post comes to an end, I’m going to leave you with a video of Liebestraum performed by Evgeny Kissin. It’s a little dreamy, somewhat melancholic but oh so very beautiful.