Our New Year’s Eve was spent on a cruise along the Chao Praya river, away from the flashy partying crowd. In light of the recent floods, we also figured that it’s probably safer for us to be on water rather than on land. LOL!

I loved the cozy ambiance on board. The warm glow of the tea lights complemented the dazzling brightly-lit buildings that dotted the riverbanks. While the gentle breeze wafted the wonderful sound of music to our ears, our eyes were treated to the magnificent view of Bangkok by night.

Our stomachs were a little disappointed in comparison, for the buffet spread provided was less than satisfactory, but the lovely company of JW and Karen more than made up for that!

Before long, it was time for the countdown! We took out our party props in anticipation of what was to come. At the stroke of midnight, loud cheers and confetti filled the air, followed by a gorgeous display of fireworks in the skies above!

The beautiful fireworks lighted up the skies with colourful splashes of red, gold, green and blue! What a sight to behold!

As the fireworks came to an end, the dance floor came alive with oldies from the 1960s and 70s, a huge contrast from the clubs across the river where techno tunes blasted from the speakers. I found it quite hilarious as we seemed a little out of place surrounded in a sea of uncles and aunties, but you know what they say, oldies are goodies and music transcends all boundaries!