Here are some of my current favourites!

The box that you’re seeing here is my new accessory box, painted and decorated by Yitian and myself! Our friends don’t think very much of it, but what matters is that it is beautiful in our eyes. 😛

Aren’t the rings cute? You can get both of them from Accessorize. I always have trouble finding rings that fit my tiny fingers, but the rings from Accessorize come in size XS and they fit me perfectly!

This pair of shoes looks like something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear. I love how it is dramatic, yet feminine, and beautiful, yet outrageous.

These are from a Korean shop called Angel at Far East Plaza, near the escalator on level 3, which is the same shop that I got all my transparent heels from. The transparent heels are superbly comfortable and so versatile, they can match practically everything in your wardrobe.

Now, which of these is your favourite? 🙂