I’m probably one of the easiest people to shop for, because I love practically everything that’s beautiful, including furniture!

Our latest conquest for our home is the Emeco Navy Chair. This is a different version from the original, which is made of aluminum. Emeco ‘s collaboration with Coca Cola has spun off a new breed of Navy Chairs made from 111 recycled plastic bottles!

I really loveee the pop colours like persimmon, grass and red, but unfortunately, they do not go with our home decor at all! And so, we settled for the charcoal (above: 3rd from left). I think those gorgeous colours I mentioned earlier would go really well with retro, pop art styles.

Here’s a closer look at the charcoal chair. We bought these to replace our existing dining chairs but they’re only arriving in March 2012. 🙁 What we adore about this chair is its ergonomic design. The seat imprint you see here (inspired by some pin-up star called Betty Grable) makes it very comfortable to sit on.

I was contemplating on getting the Victorian Ghost chair by Kartell instead, but the hubby pointed out that this is ergonomic and scratch-resistant, which means it’s likely to outlast the ghost chair.

Erm..I still can’t get these lovely colours out of my mind. They kinda put me in a Christmas mood too. Haha.

If the interior decor of your house allows for such bright colours, go get them ok?? 😀