Who’s Gaudi? To be honest, he’s not particularly well-known in this part of the world, but anyone who has visited Barcelona would have seen his works and therefore know who he is.
That’s because Barcelona and Gaudi are so inextricably linked they are practically synonymous with each other. So, if you travelled to Barcelona without visiting the architectural marvels created by Gaudi, you really haven’t been to Barcelona!

For the uninitiated, Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect who kickstarted the Art Noveau craze in Europe through his love for curves. In case you were wondering, I’m referring to curvatures in the architectural sense, not anything else. 😉

Check out a video that I put together and you’ll get what I mean. 😉 In it, you’ll get to see 3 of Gaudi’s most impressive and celebrated works. I think the music is a little soft though, so you may want to turn up the volume on your computer.

I’ll be back with more on Barcelona in a bit! Meanwhile, have a great week ahead! 🙂

P.S: Sorry, I’m getting a little slow at replying comments but I will get around to them soon!!


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