The streets of Bangkok are always bustling with life and colour. It is common to see street vendors everywhere peddling various types of exotic food as well as makeshift stalls selling lottery tickets. The way of life here is so different but its beauty lies in its simplicity.

When it comes to colour, pink is perhaps the most dominant hue in this city. There are pink taxis, pink buses, pink ATM machines, pink banks. As I walked down the streets, I would wonder if I was actually in Barbie’s home town (if such a place even exists!).

As we were there just before the elections took place, election posters lined every street and alley, adding a new dimension to the cityscape. It was an interesting sight to behold because instead of highlighting the representatives of the respective political parties, most of the posters featured babies or even animals such as dogs, pandas, buffaloes, monkeys and tigers!

These posters kept us entertained whenever we were stuck in traffic jams. What can I say? Creativity certainly runs in their blood!