Next up on our itinerary was the elephant ride. It was an exhilarating experience for us as it was our first time sitting on elephants and trekking through a jungle!

Here’s presenting our very obedient and docile elephant! When his trainer asked him to say hello to us, he lifted his trunk upwards and waved it in our direction. So cute right?

Actually, my heart nearly stopped when he did that because it was already so wobbly up there, I thought I was going to fall any time! Shihui and I were screaming and clinging on for our dear lives, yet at the same time wondering why everyone else around us seemed so relaxed. Well, you’ll find out why at the end of the post.

The most exciting part of the ride was when the elephant entered the river.

It was a picture-perfect moment, but also a petrifying one because our seat came with a flimsy seat belt, unlike the rest who had metal rods to prevent them from slipping. We only realised this after we took a photo of Raf and Mithila. Check out their seat below.

Now, compare their seat with mine. As you can see, I hardly had any protection!

That totally explained why my face bore such a striking resemblance to dear Miss Marc on my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

I asked the trainer if I looked like her and he burst out laughing! -_-“”