I have been thinking of cutting my hair short for a couple of months and I’ve always wanted to try the bob, especially after seeing it on style icons such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. I like how the bob frames their faces and enhances their features so beautifully.

Katie Holmes looks like a porcelain doll and her eyes really pop with this bob hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham looks so effortlessly chic in this asymmetrical bob hairstyle. I would love to try this look someday.

Even the usually bimbotic looking Paris Hilton looks chic and elegant with a bob.

Thus far, the only actress who doesn’t quite suit the bob hairstyle is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I like her much better with her long cascading curly locks. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Anyhow, I decided to take the plunge and chopped my hair 2 inches shorter recently. I love the volume and how light it feels.
Oh and of course, not forgetting the amount of shampoo I’m able to save. I don’t even need to use much conditioner these days!