Ambras was built in 1228 during the Medieval period and later converted into a Renaissance castle by Archduke Ferdinand II. Today, the Ambras castle holds precious collections of armoury, art and curiosities.
I was especially intrigued by the portraits of the hairy royalty (on the bottom right of the collage below) who apparently existed! The caption beside the hairy maiden’s portrait indicated that she married a dog handler and subsequently gave birth to a hairy baby as well. How very bizarre!

Another key attraction of the castle lies in its beautiful park and the backdrop of lush greenery and mountains. Autumn is a fabulous time to visit as the green foliage gradate into soft browns, reds and gold. It is the perfect time to immortalize that picture perfect moment by capturing it on film.

Looking at these pictures brings back wonderful memories of our leisurely stroll in the castle grounds, whose beauty evidently withstood the test of time.