Mandarin Kitchen was one restaurant in London that we just couldn’t miss. Located at Queensway, alongside other Chinese restaurants such as Royal China (my favourite dim sum place in Singapore hails from London!), Mandarin Kitchen is always crowded and reservations are definitely recommended.
Here’s the address:
Mandarin Kitchen
14-16 Queensway, London W2 3RX, United Kingdom 020 7727 9012
We ordered the house specialty lobster noodles. The juicy and succulent lobster meat was cooked to golden perfection and absolutely divine to the palate. The description alone is enough to make me salivate!

We also shared a plate of crispy Peking duck with pancake to share. The servings at Mandarin Kitchen are very generous and the gluttons in us simply could not resist the lure of crispy duck with sweet sauce. We wolfed down the entire plate of duck like ravenous scavengers.

Ever heard of the saying that women have a separate compartment in their stomachs for dessert? Well, I am not ashamed to admit that this has always been the case for me. Boy was I glad that I didn’t miss out on the toffee bananas!
Toffee bananas are essentially fried banana fritters deliciously coated with a thick layer of toffee, akin to the westernized version of our local favourite, goreng pisang! Trust me, the moment you sink your teeth into this delectable dessert, you would be left begging for more. I almost ordered another serving! Yes, it was that addictive!

I would definitely return to Mandarin Kitchen the next time I’m in London. The food is reasonably priced and finger-licking good. Thanks HP for treating me to such a wonderful meal!