Happy Chinese New Year!

I just got back from my honeymoon on Thursday and I’m suffering from the after effects. I wish I didn’t have to come back!!

The Trip

We took the Amazing Italy package offered by Insight Tours and it was definitely the best tour that I’ve ever been on. Although it was rather pricey, the guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a whole new experience being around gracious and friendly tour mates from Australia and the US. Travelling during the off-peak season also gave us the opportunity to appreciate and bask in the lustre and glory of all the wonderful sights at our leisure.

After the Italy tour, we took a night train from Venice to Paris, which was a very unique experience for us haha…

As the train passed through Switzerland, the train conductor asked for all our passports upon embarking for security clearance. He said he would return them to us in the morning.

Being the typical Singaporeans, we got worried so JW decided to snap a photo of the train conductor, who, as you can see below, was more than willing to pose for the camera.

Well, needless to say, we got our passports back or I wouldn’t be back in Singapore today. Hm…actually, that wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. 😛

During this trip, JW also witnessed the manifestation of the shoppaholic in me. There’s a gigantic hole in my pocket now, but I’m still surviving with the help of some savings. There was a massive sale in many of the shops with discounts ranging from 30-50%. Unfortunately for me, only my Gucci bag and Jimmy Choo shoes were on sale.

We also went to Chanel’s flagship store at Rue Cambon, where I was greeted with excellent service. JW and I agreed that the sales assistant who served us made us feel like their most valued customers. This was also where I snagged my Chanel 2.55 in Caviar and a wallet.

I am still in the midst of sorting out our photos (a few hundred photos!!) but here are a few from the Paris leg to whet your appetite:

I will be blogging about the individual cities soon!