I thought I wouldn’t be blogging till after my honeymoon, but I think I should record this down before I forget all the little details. 😉

JW got drunk on our wedding night, despite only drinking two glasses of red wine. He was as red as a beetroot and talked very loudly to everyone around him.

In all, he puked about 10 times in the suite. 5 times in the toilet bowl and the remaining 5 times in the basin. HAHA

Before my memory fails me, here are some of the other silly things that he did:

1) Before the 2nd march-in, he went up to the suite to look for me, but instead of opening the door to the suite, he happily walked past our suite and even waved hello to our banquet manager, Fandi, who was stationed outside our door. -_-“””

The best part? He hadn’t drunk any alcohol then.

2) He addressed me as his girlfriend VERY LOUDLY although we just had our solemnization ceremony after the 1st march-in. He had already drank perhaps 1 glass of wine at this point?

3) He passed a stalk of red rose to a girl (apparently his childhood playmate) right under my nose!! Shame on you!!!:P

He had about 2 glasses by then, but so did I!!! And I downed two full glasses of red wine because a) his climbing buddies decided to toast me, and b) he couldn’t finish the glass of wine given by my dear sisters jun, tian & reyna hahaha. I even received a round of applause from his relatives seated at the adjacent table after I downed the 2nd glass of wine in about 10 secs max. I think after these two incidents, nobody would ever dare to toast me again. HAHA!!

4) When the banquet manager and coordinator sent the food up to our suite and informed us about breakfast the next morning, JW suddenly sprang out of bed and asked them “What breakfast? What time is breakfast? I want to have breakfast tomorrow morning you know.”

They looked at him , speechless.

Before we knew it, JW quickly added “I think I need to puke now” and then off he dashed to the toilet at lightning speed.

They had barely recovered from the shock when I told them to ignore him. 😛

5) Last but not least, for all of the above that you did, OJW, my dear husband, you’re going to buy me a Chanel 2.55 when we’re in Paris!!!!

*evil laughter*