Yup, the day is drawing near!

We’re getting hitched this Saturday! Time flies.

I have been telling JW that we’re very fortunate to have secured the attendance of our interior designer, curtain maker, bridal designer, make-up artist and even the solemnizer at our wedding banquet.

I guess after working together for so long, our relationship with all the above-mentioned professionals has blossomed into friendship (except for 2 of them who’re actually JW’s neighbours 😉 ).

How I wish I could get married every month. Seriously, I’ve never felt better. Besides amending the guest list, all I’ve been doing the past few days is eat, sleep, check out our new house and catch up with old friends. Most importantly, I finally have time away from work!

Under normal circumstances, I may still have to go back to work even if I’m on leave, and I usually get countless work-related smses or phone calls. Well, I still get the smses, but I hope they’ll diminish as the days go past :P.

I’m quite burnt out already ok…juggling work, wedding and reno prep all at the same time! It’s time they gave me a break.

Anyway, here’re some updates on the reno. I’ve been reading so many interior design magazines and blogs that I feel like a pseudo interior designer. I even contemplated taking up a course on interior design. Talk about 走火入魔.

The curtains are up! Now we’re busy editing photos from our travels to decorate our house. We probably need more time to get it fully furnished as well. We have yet to buy a whole load of other things, like crockery, utensils, reading lamps, study table and an extra bed for the guest room, so please feel free to contribute to our home building fund!

Our living room. That’s JW doing some packing.

Our coffee table is still sitting on a plastic wrapper because we’ve not cleaned the floor. If you look carefully, you can see our rolled up rug peeping out from the corner of the sofa.

We just bought the Louis Ghost Chair in glossy black but it’ll only arrive in February. Sigh.

I absolutely love the colours of the day and night curtains.

Black organza day curtains and red night curtains for the MBR. JW said it reminds him of the Victoria Theatre. HAHA. The muted gold wallpaper looks much better in real life. It’s iridescent, so you can see different motifs from different angles.

The cute baroque-inspired side tables. There’s one on each side of the bed. I love these to bits!

Close-up of the chandelier and the door leading to JW’s walk-in wardrobe.

String curtains at the entrance to my dresser. My dresser is just beside my walk-in wardrobe. Love the stone stool from Kartell.

Ok that’s all for now. I probably won’t be updating till after my honeymoon! 😉