This week has been terribly hectic. I’ve been eating so much good food that I now crave for plain congee. That’s what happens when you have 8 course lunches at Lei Garden and Royal China the whole week.
And here’s what happens when I feel worn out:

1) Shop

I go shopping! Being the decisive shopper that I am, I bagged the lipstick and eyeshadow palette from MAC in just 15 minutes while I was on the way back to office.

I used MAC black track liner, the eye shadows in the first column of the palette, the lipstick and sunblock here. As usual, the yellow lighting in my room makes me look jaundiced.

I’ve been looking high and low for a cheap biker jacket just to spice up my wardrobe (no, not the Harley Davidson type please). Finally found what I wanted from nellyjoy:

It doesn’t go with my curls though, so I would probably have to bun up my hair or something.

2) Drink
I really liked the wine that we had yesterday as well. We had Moscato – deliciously sweet fruit wine.

What a delightful way to wind down after a long arduous week of back-to-back meetings.

I can’t wait for my honeymoon in January. I’m taking the whole month off! Yippie!


On a separate note, I have been told that some people find me rather fearsome. Perhaps based on societal views, I come across as being a materialistic person, since I’m always well-groomed (apparently) and decked out in suits or silk dresses. Well..given the nature of my job, I can’t afford not to dress up ya know…

Perhaps some are not aware that I do enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I don’t really do much on weekends except eat. My bf can certainly attest to that hahaha. Oh and I spend most Sundays at home working.

I love going for walks in Peirce Reservoir, Seletar Reservoir..basically anywhere with green pastures and calm waters. I don’t have to go overseas to enjoy the beauty of nature when it’s just at my doorstep. There are people who supposedly lead simple lives traveling around the world to immerse themselves in nature. While there is absolutely no fault in that, I can’t help but wonder if this is a false sense of simplicity…

Perhaps the act of immersing yourselves in nature is simple, but you can’t deny that the desire to go to Europe, South Africa, USA etc. is in a way a materialistic pursuit. After all, it is very financially draining.

While I sometimes do have the impetus to just put down whatever I’m doing to travel around the world, I just don’t think it’s prudent to sacrifice my financial resources (yes I am still financially stable, in case you were wondering). 😉

So, if travelling the world just to be close to nature is a simple pursuit, who is to say that shopping is not? 😉