Though I don’t know you personally, you have touched me in so many ways, the same ways that you have touched the lives of others. I hope you are now in a place that is filled with boundless love, warmth and joy. A place that is free from suffering.

I still remember that you threw in extra falsies for me to try out when I purchased ardell falsies from you. You were such a kind soul.

I still remember how we complained incessantly about our bad complexion even though you had such dewy and glowing skin. I still think you had great skin.

I still remember how much fun we had discussing about natural skincare, and all the tips that you gave me. You were always there to lend a helping hand.

I still remember that fateful day when I received the sms about you being in critical condition. You were in my prayers for the next few days, until things took a turn for the worst.

I still remember seeing a post that said “Hazel has left us”. I can’t believe that I’ll never see your posts nor private messages again.

I will always remember your bubbly and cheerful disposition.

I will always remember your display of kindness and generosity.

I will always remember your eagerness to help anyone who needed an opinion.

Most of all, I will always remember you for being you.