Weekends have been really busy for me. Renovations, wedding prep, gatherings and now, dance classes. Sometimes, I have to take home my unfinished work as well.

I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday. Must be the effect of spending consecutive late nights in the office for the past 1 week. It also doesn’t help that the weather recently has been rather freaky. I was blowing my nose the entire day yesterday, and I felt slightly feverish towards the evening. Despite feeling unwell, Jw & I still went ahead to attend yet another JC class gathering at Shunjuu, where we had countless plates of yakitori.

Too tired to continue typing, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Thanks WQ, for being the official photographer of the night. I’m so tempted to buy a Canon Powershot now. I used to own one when I was in uni, but I ditched it for Panasonic Lumix. Wrong move. I’m now convinced that the best camera brand is no other than Canon.

If you observe carefully, you’ll see that the area between my mouth and my nose is slightly red, all thanks to my running nose. Thank goodness I went home straight after dinner to nurse my cold and fever. I feel much better now, but I’ll probably take MC on Monday to hasten my recovery. 🙂