Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the rat bring you good health, wealth and success!

I don’t have many relatives in Singapore (phew!), so we were done with visiting in just half a day. JW & I are visiting the grandmothers (all 4 of them? If not probably 3 of them) again tomorrow. 🙂

The grandmothers really attest to the fact that women do have longer life expectancies as they have all outlived their husbands. I hope that doesn’t happen to me cos I want to spend my remaining days with JW!! 🙁

My family and my paternal grandma

My skin’s really sensitive lately, so I’ve been going out without foundation/powder for the past month. I’ll probably stop using foundation for good because it clogs up my pores regardless of how thorough my cleansing routine is.

Me with concealer, blusher and fake eyelashes. Too lazy to curl my lashes and put on mascara.

My maternal grandma prefers me with my side fringe. She said my bangs are too thick, and she couldn’t recognize me just now!! Geez…I guess her age plays a part. She’s already 95 years old this year ;). No pics of her though, but I’ll probably take some photos tomorrow.

I still like my bangs. 😛

As I was walking down to my maternal grandma’s apartment, I spotted a cosy area outside someone’s home. I love the unique horizontal grills and the way the money plant entwines around it. The little pots of plants, coupled with the wooden chair, create a very rustic ambience.

If you click on the photo to expand it to its full size, you’ll realize that the door mat has a very Victorian design. It’s remarkably exquisite and practical too, cos it’s made of rubber. I absolutely adore it!!!

If anyone knows where to get the mat, please let me know. I’ll be eternally grateful!! 🙂