The boy wore an orange coloured Nike shirt today. The shirt says “I am an addict.”

Given that the shade bears a striking resemblance to that of mandarin oranges (and it sure didn’t help that he held two mandarin oranges in his hand when he stepped into my house), I think a more appropriate phrase would be “I am an orange.”, so I kept making fun of him the entire day. Coincidentally, the word ‘orange’ is made up of the same number of letters as the word ‘addict’. Hahaha…I know you must think I’m really bored.

Visited the grandmas today. Never knew that it would be so mentally and physically draining just to listen to 3 people talk for an hour each.

Just when I thought I could have a good rest on my bed, my mum had to wake me just to ask if I was having dinner at home. Sigh. I can’t go back to sleep when I am awakened prematurely. That explains why I am blogging now.

I have other things to do, like work, but geez, work is a sure dampener to the festive spirit. I’m not touching it till Sunday!!

It’s a wonder how the boy is never awakened by anything…he has been sleeping for about 2+ to 3 hours now!! I threw a little tantrum, switched on the light, snatched the blanket from him, but yet he remains deep in slumber.

Sleeping probably ranks 2nd on his priority list, after rockclimbing. I, on the other hand, come in third place I think. *whinewhinewhine*.


Shall try getting back to sleep now…ugh.

I love my bed.