JW & I celebrated his birthday at Morton’s recently. I booked a table there and told them that I was celebrating my bf’s birthday. To my surprise, not only did they tell me that he would be served a warm chocolate cake (on the house!!), they also decorated the table, gave us a nicely framed snapshot of ourselves, and sang JW a birthday song!!

The servers were quite the jesters, and their service was immaculate. The steak, though rather tasty, paled in comparison to the steak we had at The Cliff@Sentosa (which also had a better ambience even though the price is about the same).

I also couldn’t help but notice that the servings at Morton’s were large enough to feed an entire village in Ethiopia.

Haha just check out the generous steak portion and the gigantic asparagus!! It was a waste because I couldn’t finish eating my portion. I was quite tired after a hard day’s work too and I looked like a wreck next to my ever so youthful bf haha.

Well…that aside, both of us agreed that the experience and service were definitely worth it. 🙂

I took Friday off and had a super long weekend, during which I had very little sleep and ended up sick. That explains why I am blogging today. I am at home. 😛

Some narcissistic shots of myself – I have not done this in quite a while cos I could never quite afford the time. Took these while JW was catching a wink on my sofa yesterday haha.

I slept barely 5 hours the night before, but I really like my new T-shirt. It has a skull tie printed on it.
Going off to shower and do some work!!! Oh wait..need to see the doc first..SIGH.