Baby Chloe’s First Birthday

I attended baby Chloe’s first birthday celebration recently. It’s amazing how kids seem to grow up so rapidly. The last time I saw this little princess, she was just a little bigger than the length of my forearm. Within the blink of an eye, she is now walking and dancing to the infectious beats of pop music.

Her mum, Reyna, is one of my good friends. Until now, I still can’t quite believe she’s a mum. Haha!! She ‘s still so youthful and slim. Ah..the perks of being a young mum. 🙂

I can’t imagine ever being pregnant though. The thought of giving birth scares the daylights out of me, not to mention the aftermath of pregnancy, which involves weight gain, stretch marks, sleepless nights.

Come to think of it..the young mums I know don’t seem to have these problems actually. If anything, their weight gain seems to go to their bust!! 😉

Hmm..okay..maybe I’ll think about giving birth within these couple of years. Not until after marriage of course.

Huifen’s Wedding

There’ve been so many wedding dinners and receptions. I’m starting to have a hard time keeping count and remembering the dates.

Huifen is a friend I got to know through my translation course. It has been 2 years since we graduated from the course, but many of us remain close friends to date. Sigh..I miss those times!! Every time we meet up, we can’t help but reminisce about the good old days in Beijing. I guess the Beijing leg of the course really brought us closer together. We had so much fun despite the grueling classes.

We did our assignments together, cooked our meals together, went out to play together and went to school together. They even celebrated my birthday with me!

All the people you see in the photos that follow are probably the most effectively bilingual people I know in the whole of Singapore (minus me..I’m like half past six, if you know what I mean :P).

Lim Tim, Ash, Me & Karen

Yoke Hui, Tung San, Bee Furn & Soh Din

Ash & me are telepathic! We were dressed in the same colour scheme. We were room mates in Beijing. That explains the chemistry. 😉

During the wedding dinner last night, Karen/Tung San recalled a particularly memorable incident that happened in Beijing.

Late one night while we were doing our assignments in Yoke Hui’s room, bare-faced and clad in our dowdy pyjamas, we got bored and decided to play with my make-up. I literally brought over my entire stash of cosmetics (ya i’m like the vainest of them all) to her room, where we unleashed the prowess of our make-up skills. Karen tried her hand at blending bright clashing shades on her eyelids. Sounds strange I know, but we all agreed the look suited her very much!

I did smoky eyes for Yoke Hui, which turned out really well in my opinion. However, when I tried it on Tung San, somehow she turned out looking like a panda hahaha. Thankfully, the Beijing zoo keepers were fast asleep at that unearthly hour, if not our poor Tung San would probably never have made her way back to the sunny island of Singapore! For all we know, Tung Tung could have become the next big thing in the Beijing Zoo *chuckles*.

We all had such great fun doodling on each other’s faces till the wee hours of the morning that we forgot to take photos. But evidently, the fond memories that remain etched in our minds never fail to bring smiles, laughter and endless chatter to the table. 🙂

I love these people!!