Did I ever mention that JW likes to surprise me with gifts? Haha not all the time though. Only once in a blue moon, but the blue moon seems to be showing up more often than usual these days. 😉

Of late, he’s been springing many surprises on me, so much so that I half-suspected he struck lottery or 4D (except that he doesn’t buy lottery or 4D).

First, he bought me a pair of ballet flats from novo simply cos I looked nice in it.

Then, just 2 days ago, while I was waiting for him outside royal plaza hotel’s washroom (he feigned stomachache..silly boy), he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and proudly presented me with a Prada paper bag.

He spotted this wallet when we were shopping two weeks back. I only casually mentioned that it’s a real beauty, and that I would love to buy it if I could ever part with my money. Now, it’s sitting prettily on my table cos I still can’t bear to use it. After all, my Gucci wallet (courtesy of the boy as well), which I have been using for the past 5 years, is still in good condition!!
He thinks he’s addicted to buying branded goods for me hahaha. I’m sure many girls out there would die to have a bf like mine. And I did tell him recently that even if I were to die now, I would die without any regrets cos I think I have already lived a life worth living for.

Not because I have a bf who showers me with material goods, but because I have a bf who loves me for who I am and insists on surprising me with little gifts which I really don’t need and wouldn’t have allowed him to buy if I knew about it beforehand. 😛

I’m loving my engagement ring more and more with each passing day. 🙂