I just returned from a 5-day Hong Kong trip with my mum, and to my pleasant surprise, I found a saccharine sweet blog entry written by my dear bf on my own blog *beams*. I missed you too!!

Haha but you already knew that.

Now it’s time to drown all of you in photos. This is my second time to Hong Kong, but somehow, the trip was much more enjoyable. I managed to bag more buys as well :P.

DAY 1: The Avenue of Stars & Lamma Island

The Avenue of Stars is a tribute to the Hong Kong film industry. However, besides the hand prints of various Hong Kong celebrities, a statue of Bruce Lee and the magnificent view of Victoria Harbour, this tourist attraction has nothing much to shout about.

We then headed to Lamma Island for seafood dinner at a restaurant called Rainbow. I thoroughly enjoyed the ferry ride, thanks to the wonderful breeze and the picturesque view of Hong Kong. In particular, the night view was exceptionally captivating.

DAY 2: Golden Bauhinia Square, Repulse Bay, Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, Mongkok, Causeway Bay

It wasn’t my first time at the Golden Bauhinia Square and Repulse Bay, but it was certainly my first time taking so many pictures there haha. Basically, there wasn’t much to do at these two places you see. 😛

Oh, but I made sure I paid my respects to the God of Fortune at Repulse Bay. I mean, who doesn’t like money?!

**The Story of the Red Sticker**

In case you are wondering what that big red sticker on my tunic is, it’s a sticker that we were made to wear for identification purposes, but as you can see, it is also an eyesore in photos. 🙁

If you observe carefully, the sticker isn’t on me in the pic on the top right hand side. Haha…it got stuck on my hair, but our group’s good-looking photographer (he looks like a Hong Kong actor!!) took it down for me ugh..so that’s why you see the sticker on the bottom right hand side pic.

I must have bored you with the details. Actually, my main intention was to highlight the fact that the photographer was pretty damn good-looking. Wahahaha.

At the beach at Repulse Bay…

I love Victoria Peak!

I wanna stay in one of these houses!! Haha..when JW and I attain tycoon status that is. Talking about property, I was told that my grandfather used to own a house in Wan Zai, but he sold it away. Sigh..if not, we could have gotten free lodging. 🙁

Madame Tussauds

Jacky Chan looks fake hahaha. I wonder why I decided to purchase this photo.
Madame Tussauds made me feel like the Queen. The royal family was at my beck and call!!

Even Prince William had to pander to my whims and fancies. But why must he make me feel like a dwarf?! Tsk… I should have ordered him to sit on the cushy velvet sofa behind me.

Meet my little brother, Mozart! See, we even have the same pose. Haha.

Now, meet my surrogate boyfriend No. 1 – Aaron Kwok. Check out those abs! But chey, my bf also has abs what. 😛

Meet my surrogate bf No. 2 – Andy Lau. I’m not that into him, but JW is, so I took this specially for him. Hahaha.

After Madame Tussauds, we adjourned to Argyle Centre at Mongkok for some shopping. I didn’t buy much there though, because most of the clothes are made of relatively poor quality material and the hoards of people there almost suffocated me.

DAY 3: Whole Day of Shopping at Lai Chi Kok & Causeway Bay

No pics of my loot yet as I have not unpacked :P.

Times Square@ Causeway Bay – where my mum and I had our Krispy Kremes haha.

DAY 4: Disneyland, Tung Chung & Lan Kwai Fong

Before I left for Hong Kong, I heard about the poor service and terrible crowds at the Hong Kong Disneyland. It turned out to be better than I expected! In terms of the fun factor however, I still think the US one beats it hands down.

Wearing my new Escada tunic 😀

My favourite Disney characters of all time. Mickey grabbed me so tightly I thought I was going to get a bruise from his hard cheek. Regardless, I still like Mickey. 😛

Belle from Beauty & the Beast – She looks like a statue!!
Sleepy Beauty’s Castle
A photo taken during the pooh bear ride, a ride which I really enjoyed. 😀
A shot of Tomorrowland from the Disney Train. My favourite land because the scariest Disney ride, Space Mountain (a roller coaster ride), is found here!
I love these aliens from Toy Story. They’ll wave at you when you’re on the train.
Disney Train Station

On our way to Tung Chung (you’ll find all the factory outlets there) from Disneyland. I like I.T, a retail shop that carries a few Hong Kong designer labels such as b+ab. b+ab is my favourite!! I used to go crazy over their clothes when I was in Beijing.

I love the lush velvet seats, mickey mouse windows and mickey mouse handrails!

Lan Kwai Fong – After shopping at Tung Chung, I pulled my mum to Lan Kwai Fong with me. Haha, not for drinks of course. We went there for dinner.

Unlucky for me, I got picked up by some Caucasian guy who asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him. Yea, in the presence of my mum. How weird is that.

Caucasian: Would you like to have some dinner?

Me: No, thank you.

Caucasian: Lei mo sek fan ah? (You don’t eat?)

Me: Sek zhor lo (I have already eaten)

Caucasian: Lei mo lou ah? (loosely translated as “no guys keeping you company?”)

Me: TAMADE!!!! (hahaha in my head only of course :P). I just walked away with my mum with my head in the air.

Come to think of it, it was quite hilarious. Hahaha.

DAY 5 – Last minute shopping at Miramar Shopping Centre

We checked out Uniqlo, a Japanese label similar to Muji. In fact, I like it much better than Muji. I also bought a lot of Uniqlo clothes when I was in Beijing.

I can fit into all the skinny jeans there because they come in size 22!!! 😛 Other than Uniqlo, I can only wear size 24 from Levi’s. 🙁

Ok..time to sleep and unpack tomorrow…

I’m starting work on Monday. Funny how it’s exciting yet dreadful at the same time.