I have been with The Clifford Clinic for years. Their aesthetic treatments are effective (no more pigmentation woes!) and most importantly, I trust their doctors’ recommendations. I recently had HIKO nose threadlift done by Dr Timothy Shim, who is a reconstructive plastic surgeon by training (yes, you can get plastic surgery done at Clifford now!) and I couldn’t be happier with the subtle definition it adds to my facial features.

Dr Shim elevated the top of my nose bridge as he noticed there was a slight depression, and also made my overall nose profile higher and straighter. Well, you may ask, can’t fillers do the job as well? What I like about HIKO nose threadlift is that unlike fillers, there is zero risk of migration and blindness, which makes it a safer procedure. With nose threadlift, the shape of your nose and nose tip can also be molded to perfection. On the contrary, this can’t be effectively achieved with fillers. The results from nose threadlift lasts longer too as the threads increase the height of your nose while stimulating collagen production.

Was it painful? Both numbing cream and local anesthesia (LA) were used. There was minimal discomfort after LA. Dr Shim is incredibly swift and precise, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

I love how Dr Shim deftly molded my nose to accentuate the overall appearance of my features. He takes immense pride in his craft and the results testify to that. Dr Shim used a total of 10 threads and if I may say so myself, the results are no different from rhinoplasty! What’s even better is that in this case, there isn’t any downtime.

I used to prefer my left profile to my right, but after getting nose threadlift done, I feel that my features look more symmetrical now. Thank you Dr Shim for making me more camera ready than ever!

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