Those of you who have read my CoolSculpting post with Dr Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics must be wondering if I saw any results after the treatment. I completed the treatment in February and I just had my review done in May as the results are supposed to be evident only after 3 months.

If you have seen my IG stories, you might have already seen how drastically different my tummy looks post treatment. The skin looks and feels more taut. Overall, my stomach is so much flatter now. I didn’t realise how round my tummy was pre-treatment. In fact, I looked like I was in the early months of pregnancy! Photos don’t lie and I didn’t edit any of the photos in this post because there really isn’t a need to! Check out my before and after photos below (there are some marks on my tummy in the after photos as I was wearing a pair of high waist stretchable band pants):


I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. A body analysis done at the clinic also revealed that I lost weight overall as well, but what’s even more amazing is that I lost fat (which is very difficult to achieve according to Dr Terence Tan) and gained muscle mass too! No more mum tum for me! I didn’t have to go on a diet and I still eat whatever I wish. My only exercise these days is taking baby R for her daily walks in the carrier. Now all I have to do is head to the gym or work out at home to tone up my stomach and get my long lost abs to finally make an appearance again.

Thank you Dr Terence Tan for the incredible results. I cannot be more pleased with my flatter tummy. Perhaps those crop tops hiding in my wardrobe can finally see the light of day again!


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