Minimalism may be right up my alley when it comes to style, but did you know I’m a closet Sanrio fan too? My favourite character is My Melody!

Thanks to baby R, I have every reason to indulge in this Jujube Hello Sanrio Sweets Mini Helix bag. It’s a cute little bag that fits all my essentials when I want to travel light (when we grab groceries in the neighbourhood or when the hubby carries the diaper bag)!

Believe it or not, my iphone 7+, keys, cards, cash and hand sanitizer fit beautifully in this bag. I can even slip in a lip balm in the front zippered compartment. It’s so handy and I really adore the aquamarine strap which adds a pop of colour. The sweet combination of pastel hues also makes it a breeze to match with most casual wear in solid colours. In this series of photos, I was feeling a little cutesy so I amped up the cute factor by adding a unicorn keychain from my Little Twin Stars collection.


What I love most about this bag is that baby R gets to use it when she’s older. As you can tell, even at the tender age of 7 months, she can’t keep her hands and eyes off it.

Jujube Hello Sanrio Sweets collection will be launched alongside Red Ruby and Cleopatra on 17 July at 12pm. I’m hoping to snag a Be Neat to match my Mini Helix!