Chicken essence is a popular gift given to post partum mummies. The fatigue after delivery is real guys. Not to mention the pain if you had a C section or episiotomy. Throw in breastfeeding by demand and that means you hardly get any rest. Nobody really talks about post partum recovery and how difficult it is for some mummies. Well, I guess that’s where Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence comes to the rescue to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you would probably know that I’ve been taking chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang since I was pregnant (you can check out my previous post here). They have different flavours to cater to your various needs. For instance, post partum mummies who breastfeed as well should definitely go for the chicken essence with vaccaria seed flavour 王不留行 flavour.

Unlike the typical nursing teas in the market which only help to unclog milk ducts, the herbs used in this flavour of chicken essence support breastfeeding by replenishing both blood and Qi. This ensures that you’re able to maintain your milk supply and also boost the quality of your breast milk. I’ve recently finished a box of chicken essence with vaccaria seed and I’m ordering my second box right away!

Here’s the good news. From now to 28 Feb, get $5 off both online and at retail store with the code <TYX5MIGHTY>. Also, pop by on IG and participate in their giveaway! Who knows, you might just win a box of chicken essence!