Prepping our skin with skincare products alone is not enough to achieve healthy, glowing skin. What you consume on a daily basis makes a world of difference too. As you and I probably already know, collagen is essential to both skin health and elasticity. By that same token, taking collagen supplements on a regular basis is important for baby smooth skin and keeping those wrinkles at bay! I started taking Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen recently as its nifty packaging makes packing a breeze when I travel.

I usually fill my water tumbler with cold water, put in a spoonful of collagen goodness and give it a good mix.
Every packet is resealable and comes with a plastic scoop for ease of use. Each spoonful of collagen powder is also power packed with age-fighter Marine Collagen, all-round-hydrator Green Caviar™, glycation-fighter Formosa Ruby™ and free radical-fighter Vitamin C to help your skin to reverse the signs of ageing and turn back the clock. It makes for a delicious drink thanks to its refreshing lychee flavour.
Did you know that the efficacy of collagen products depends on its molecular weight too? The lower the molecular weight, the easier it is for your body to absorb the collagen particles. Kinohimitsu collagen powder has a very low molecular weight, making it easy to absorb and achieve effective results. Beyond just Type 1 collagen for skin and beauty, it also contains Type 3 collagen to improve bone, ligament and tendon quality! No preservatives, hormones and heavy metals are used too.
When I first read about seeing visible results in 6 days, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. But now that I’m on day 10, I’m happy to report that my skin looks more hydrated and radiant than before despite late nights and perpetual lack of sleep. All I can say is, Kinohimitsu’s Marine Collagen Powder is working its magic on my skin!
If you’re planning to look your best this Chinese New Year, time is still on your side. Get your dose of Kinohimitsu today!
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