Do you know what my new year resolution (at least on the skincare front) is? I hope to achieve flawless, spotless skin before June 2017. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now would probably know that skin pigmentation is my greatest gripe. I have been visiting Astique Clinic for all my skincare and aesthetic treatments since November last year and I’m looking forward to clearer skin in the next couple of months!

My first appointment started off with a consultation with Dr Ng Hong Yi, who is very well-versed in laser and aesthetic treatments, having previously practised aesthetic medicine with a regional aesthetic clinic that spanned 3 countries in Southeast Asia. I personally believe that every doctor has his specialty, be it injectibles or laser treatments and an experienced doctor makes a world of difference. After diagnosing my condition, he recommended a series of Medlite laser treatments complemented with Cooltouch sessions. He assured me that I should be able to see visible results after 4-5 sessions.

I have done two sessions thus far. Numbing cream is used before each laser session and I’m happy to report that it is generally painless. My skin turns a deep red after each session but it can be easily covered up with makeup immediately and the redness completely dissipates within a few hours. I love that there is hardly any downtime, which is perfect for those of us with hectic schedules.

I usually schedule my appointment earlier in the day, slap on sunblock and bb cream immediately after each session and off I go to face the world. There are no tell-tale signs that I had anything done.

My skin feels silky smooth after each session and my pores appear smaller too. While my pigmentation spots on my upper cheeks are still visible currently, I don’t require as much bb cream to conceal them and they do look more dispersed than before. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my skincare resolution will finally be achieved this year. I can’t wait to pop by again for my next session!

Do you have pigmentation issues too? Stay tuned to this space and also my instagram account (@reginachow_sg) as I’ll be updating you on my progress!

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