Did you know that as much as I enjoy cafe-hopping, I was never a fan of coffee until The Pourover Bar came into the picture and changed my perception of coffee forever?

I’m not saying this simply because the founders Raphael and Karen are my friends. The Pourover Bar is known for its comprehensive selection of single origin Ninety Plus specialty coffee beans championed by roasters, retailers and baristas internationally. Little wonder why this specialty coffee bar has garnered a loyal following of regulars  since it was established in March 2016. It was also voted as one of the top 10 best new cafes by Daniel Food Diary recently.

Here comes the earth-shattering news!

The Pourover Bar is no longer at Petain Road and is currently in the midst of relocating to an exciting spot in Hougang Central (The Midtown@Hougang)! To serve you better, it will be partnering Foxhole Cafe, a new cafe led by the same founders and myself. What’s different, you may ask? The Pourover Bar will continue to serve excellent coffee brewed to perfection while the new partnership with Foxhole Cafe aims to tantalize your tastebuds further by bringing delectable yet instagrammable food to the table.

Craving for a taste of Melbourne coffee during meal times? Now, you can have a cuppa as well as breakfast, lunch or dinner all under one roof!

What type of food would we be serving? Allow us to keep you in suspense for now. We promise that more details will be unveiled before the end of this year!

Meanwhile, you may wish to follow The Pourover Bar and Foxhole Cafe on our social media accounts for the latest updates:


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Thank you for your patience and support!