I rely heavily on my DSLR camera most of the time but whenever my arms need a break, I never fail to turn to Casio. I already own the Casio Exilim EX-ZR3600 and TR70, but I’m excited to announce that a new camera model has since been released and it’s none other than the Casio EX-ZR5000!

What’s different about this model is its super wide angle lens (19mm) which is just perfect for capturing expansive landscape scenery, even when taking wefies or selfies! If you used to have difficulties fitting in the background without cutting yourself or your friends out, you’ll never have to worry about this issue again.

Besides the wide angle lens, I’ll be highlighting some of my favourite features of this camera that will cater to all your photography needs. None of these photos/videos are edited so you can be assured that what you see is truly what you get.


I love the time lapse function on this camera. Thanks to this amazing feature, I managed to capture the beautiful transition between sunset and nightfall in its full glory from Nobu restaurant at the Petronas Tower during my recent media trip to KL. I basically just left the camera on the table and let it work its magic while I indulged in Nobu’s delectable Japanese fusion dishes. The reflection from the glass window was greatly reduced thanks to the bright F2.7 moulded glass lens of the camera, which not only reduces surface reflection but corrects optical aberration too in order to produce sharper images with higher resolution.

The wide angle lens also gave me the flexibility to shoot at a closer proximity to my subject. Case in point: I could easily fit the two magnificent Petronas towers into one frame!

You can also instantly create and share eye-catching travel highlights with the camera’s Highlight Movie and Highlight Photo functions. Here’re some highlights from my recent media trip to KL:


If you’re a foodie and enjoy taking photos of food, you’re in for a treat. Check out the blurred background function of this camera (don’t the otak otak fish & chips from Wonder Mama in KL look so tantalizing?), which literally makes your food come alive even in low light conditions.

Blurred Background

Low-light conditions at Nobu Restaurant@KL


Casio’s selfie function doesn’t need any introduction. Besides the makeup mode, the camera comes with different selfie art modes to help you to achieve the selfie of your dreams.

My favourite selfie art scene is Elegant, as it gives the illusion that light is streaming in through the windows.

There is a total of five selfie art scenes that you can choose from, depending on what tickles your fancy.

These are the other four scenes:

Thanks to the EX-ZR5000’s inverted processing feature, you’ll never have to manually flip your selfies again. It is automatically inverted from left to right to process the image as it appears on screen.

Like it’s predecessor, it is also equipped with the Motion Shutter detector, which means you can easily activate the shutter by just waving your hand in front of the camera!

Product Shots

I take product shots for advertorials all the time and I absolutely adore the camera’s various art modes for close-up shots. Just let your creative juices flow and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the images produced.

My personal favourite has got to be the miniature scene as the bokeh is beyond stunning. Doesn’t this shot look like it was taken with a DSLR?

Here’s another perk for Instagram addicts who are aiming for a more cohesive feed. You can easily do so with the ZR5000 without any post editing!

Check out these other scenes:


Toy Camera

Soft Focus

Light Tone

Don’t you agree that Casio EX-ZR5000 is the most versatile camera around? Plus, it is so compact and handy, I can take it with me everywhere!

The Casio EXILIM EX-ZR5000 is now available at the Casio Concept Store in Tampines and licensed retailers. It retails at S$629 and comes in White, Green and Pink. There is also a limited edition model that comes in Black which retails at S$699.