We caught a glimpse of Mardi Gras the very day that we headed down to Paddington. It was a raining intermittently throughout the parade at Oxford Street but the rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the parade performers and party-goers.
Whenever the rain got a little heavier, the umbrellas sprang open like a field of blooming black mushrooms, but whenever the performers came our way, the umbrellas would miraculously disappear, without fail, one after another. In place of the umbrellas were straining necks and snapping cameras, accompanied by loud cheers from the crowds. Many of the party-goers, us included, bought stools from an enterprising Chinese lady who braved the rain along the pavement, peddling her plastic stools at $10 each. Haha, the stool sits in our bedroom today and JW intends to take it back to us for Singapore. Don’t ask me why.

credits: http://perthnow.com

Mardi Gras celebrates diversity in the Australian society, particularly the acceptance of gays, lesbians and transgenders. Kylie Minogue is the icon of the gay community and needless to say, her presence as the guest-of-honour was a huge crowd-puller.

credits: http://au.timeout.com

It was an eye-opening experience, to say the least, especially when the topic of homosexuality is still a rather controversial one in the country that I come from. The outrageous, barely there costumes, fearless attitudes and passionate performances were a sight to behold, regardless of which side of the team you cheered for. 🙂