I was terribly busy meeting up with family and friends just before I left for Sydney. It was so sweet of everybody to make time to meet up with me just before I left, even though I would only be away for a short period of time. 🙂
These are the ladies who founded Bodyworks (now known as Fitness Works) in SMU together with me. I’ve known them for a long time now and I’m glad we continued to keep in touch throughout the years. 😉

Previously, I had the good fortune of landing a sponsorship by the first company that I worked for to pursue a graduate diploma in translation and interpretation. While I can’t say my mandarin is anywhere near flawless, these ladies are definitely the best companions. We went through thick and thin, especially during those grueling, wintry months in Beijing.

My lovely ex-colleagues who organized a farewell for KK and myself. Love them to bits!

This is a little backdated I believe. We just got back from KL on the last day of CNY (so shagged!) and instead of heading home to rest, we popped by Sushi’s place for an impromptu get-together. Karen and Sushi need no introduction, for you would have seen them often enough if you keep up with my blog regularly. 😉

Not too long ago, Karen introduced me to Wendy and Pat, and I must say they’re some of the sweetest and nicest people I know.

We had dinner at Buffet Town@Raffles City, where we had feast. Oysters, crabs, sushi, double boiled soup, sashimi…you name it, we had it!
I didn’t manage to take photos during all my meetups though. Sometimes, I forget to take my camera along with me or I get so engrossed in conversations, it totally slips my mind. Case in point – I’ve to make a mental note to take more photos with some of my best friends (Yitian, Jun, Grace, Veron, Lyndie) the next time we meet!! 🙂