Gaudi’s ingenuity is perhaps best exemplified by his last work, Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona.

At the time of Gaudi’s death, the church was only 15-20% completed and it is still under construction today. Regardless, Gaudi’s immense talent, creativity and attention to detail can easily be appreciated in this incredible masterpiece of his. That probably explains why Sagrada Familia is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site even though it will take another decade or more for it to be completed.

The pillars within the church are constructed to resemble branches of a tree and the ceiling is likened to a canopy. Don’t you feel like you have just entered an enchanted forest?

Gaudi’s interpretation of Gothic and Art Noveau forms took architectural design to a whole new level. The mesmerizing facade that lay before my eyes seemed like an oasis in the desert of dull buildings. I could lie on my back and stare at this all day!

If you’re not afraid of heights, it is worthwhile to ascend the towers for you’ll be treated to a picturesque view of Barcelona.

Pretty breathtaking isn’t it? 🙂

The ledge overlooking the city is so tiny and narrow, I was quite afraid that I would fall over. You can’t tell from the photo below, but I was clinging on for my dear life. Haha

You know, I’ll never see churches in the same light again. The unparalleled beauty and extraordinary design of Sagrada Familia really blew me away and I am pretty certain no other church in the world can come close.